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Found: Unknown Charlotte Bronte Poem

It was just announced by the Bronte Society that a poem penned by a young Charlotte Bronte has been uncovered. Hiding inside a book that belonged to Marie Bronte the author's mother,...

Found: A Lost Charlotte Bronte Work

L.McMaken 3-9-12 Cincinnati, OH   Searching the archives in a museum in Brussels, Brian Bracken a noted Bronte expert, uncovered a lost work by one of the world's most loved authors.  While conducting research at Musee...

Charlotte Bronte’s Books Sells for 1.1 Million

L. McMaken 12-20-11 Cincinnati, OH When author Charlotte Bronte was fourteen, she created a miniature book titled "Young Men's Magazines". The tiny tome is less than 20 pages and contains only 4,000 words. While the...

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