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A Love Affair with Dracula: The Romanticism of a Vampire

I watched the movie Dracula Untold, wondering how it would differ from Dracula 2000 with Gerard Butler, Dracula with Gary Oldman, Dracula with Frank Langella and Dracula with Christopher Lee or Bela...

Wednesday – Fun With The Hero of “Collateral Damage”

I was once asked what I liked in a hero and after thinking about it for about half a second, I came up with what I call the St. Giles litmus test for heroes, or in this case the J.L. Saint’s 4H litmus test for heroes. Heroes have to be HARD, HOT, HEROIC, and a HELL-UVA-LOT. Say what? Before your mind goes wildly running were we dare not tread on a public forum, let me explain.

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