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Words Epic Poems of a Poetess by Melanie Greenwood Book Trailer

The Adrenaline. The Excitement. The Determination to Obtain the Unattainable. The Unwavering Spirit to Persevere. No Limits. The Willpower to Retain Your Commitment. The Achievement that Follows. Persistence. Writing is the Unthinkable. Words...

Straight from the Heart, the Imaginative Epic Poems of a Poetess

For those readers who appreciate traditional forms of poetry, Melanie Greenwood, Zillionaires Publishing, LLCfounder and CEO, has just released an extensive collection of poems entitled Words: Epic Poems of a Poetess. The work is...

Straight from the Heart, the Epic Poems of a Poetess

We are all aware of the power of language. Words enrich our lives and enable us to communicate ideas both simple and complex to one another. Without language, our world would be...

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