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Sneak Peek Presents: White Fire: Timewalker Chronicles

If you love high adventure and time travel here's your Sneak Peek at Michele Callahan's White Fire: Timewalker Chronicles, Book 5.   Blurb: About White Fire: Timewalker Chronicles (Book 5) Ajax, The Lost King of the Immortals,...

Author Blog: About a Dream Before Dying

By: Tony Scott Macauley June 22, 2011 About A Dream Before Dying Originally A Dream Before Dying was titled “The Immortal Dream” for reasons that had to do with the main event-taking place within...

Spotlight Author: Tony Scott Macauley

Tony Scott Macauley, an ordained Christian Minister, Non Denomination, is a former US. Army Ranger, serving with 1/75, 3/75 Ranger Battalions, and finally for the Department of the Army...

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