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Author S.A. Stovall Shares Why Becoming an Artist is Painful

Becoming an Artist is Painful by S. A. Stovall I know what you’re thinking. “Becoming an artist is painful? Pfft—what kind of hippy-dippy nonsense is that? Try becoming a doctor, or a lawyer, or oil...

SNEAK PEEK: Vice City by S.A. Stovall

VICE CITY by S.A. Stovall CHAPTER ONE Getting hit with a wrench hurts. I know for a fact—I’ve had my jaw broken twice by thugs swinging them around—which is why I cringe every time Pete and...

An Interview with Debut Thriller Author S.A. Stoval

Welcome S.A. Stovall! Please, tell us the synopsis of your book.  Gladly! Vice City starts in the middle of a mobster interrogation. Nicholas Pierce, head enforcer of the Vice family syndicate, watches over two thugs...

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