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Book Review for Watch Over Me by Lucy Monroe


Author Lucy Monroe is known for her ability to incorporate action and love into cohesive works with well-developed, suspenseful plots. For those who have been drawn to her works in the past, Watch Over Me, Monroe’s next release in her Goddard Project Agency series, promises not to disappoint.
In addition to her specialty of blending suspense and romance in her books, Monroe, her readers contend, has a knack for creating well-rounded and realistic characters complete with imperfections and complex needs or desires. This expertise is fully realized in Watch Over Me, where action-loving, Alpha-male Myk Chernichenko is reluctantly drawn into an assignment that has him fighting to protect not only his sister, but also the brilliant and remarkably attractive scientist Dr. Lana Erikson. In fact, Lana’s figure, no matter how well hidden by her lab coat, leaves Myk fighting for a little more than just her safety, and his resultant advances make professional life for Lana more complex than she ever expected.
It might be hard for the reader to tell which is more exciting in this story—thwarting a drug kingpin super villain who is hellbent on using Lana’s work for his own gain or Myk’s pursuit of a woman that is so much his opposite and so very determined to resist the temptation of his bad-boy appeal. Let the romance and action unfold as this temptation is fully realized in Monroe’s Watch Over Me.

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