Bleeding Boxes and Chills that Thrill Karen Rose Hits the Spot with You Belong To Me


I love a thriller novel that can still surprise me at the end.

His sister was brutally attacked and people just stood there and watched. Now he has lost everything except his murderous desire for revenge. Dr. Lucy Trask recognized the first body, then the second. Now she is a target, but she doesn’t know why. If she doesn’t figure it out soon she may become the next victim.

This book actually gave me chills. I love the characters and how the romance seems to flow naturally into the story. I didn’t realize how totally immersed I was into the lives of these characters until the end when I got a surprise. This is an intelligent and fast paced book with such a satisfying end I think I may just read it again!

If you’re looking for a thriller that you can’t predict, but that is well written and smart You Belong to Me by Karen Rose is my recommendation.