A Story About the Struggle to Find Love and Achieve Balance…


Julia Mendoza is not worried about her love life. Since the death of her young husband, this beautiful Latino woman has spent her time and energy focusing instead upon her business, despite the wishes of her outgoing and boisterous family. But when an ex-friend begins to pester her in public, Julia convinces an attractive and charming surfer whom she encounters in a grocery store to act as her boyfriend just to circumvent the friend’s annoyance.

Initially, the young man, Christophe Augustine, is reluctant, but this is just the beginning of something remarkable and tumultuous for both of them. After a dramatic first date, Chris is determined to know Julia better. In his own life, he too is focused upon professional successes and receiving the recognition and approval of family. As he prepares to take control of his father’s luxury hotel chain, romance seems far from his mind. But the chemistry between these two is undeniable, and it seems that Julia is now challenged by a love she was not expecting to have from this chance encounter. As the relationship between Julia and Chris grows more serious and intense, she is tempted to flee from the situation. But soul-mates are difficult to tear apart, even when one of the pair is unprepared to love.

Find out where this serendipitous experience with romance leads in Mad About the Boy, the debut novel from Suzan Battah. Battah is an executive assistant with a busy day-time schedule, but her passion for writing has her pounding the computer keys until the late hours of each night. Her first novel is an entertaining and imaginative romance with a good blend of humor and sensitivity to the plight of lovers in the hectic modern world. It is right for any fanatic of funny, yet serious romantic fiction.

Although this is only her first completed novel, you can expect to read more from Battah in the future, as she aspires to share her knack for storytelling with as many people as possible. Look for Mad About the Boy, now in bookstores everywhere.