Interview with Suzan Battah – Mad About the Boy


Fun in the sun with a twist of romance and true love. Meet Suzan Battah, author of “Mad About the Boy”, her debut novel about a Latina woman and French American man set in the heat of Miami Beach. Between the stalkers (an ex-friend no less), yummy romantic scenes and a lot of soul searching, Suzan has created characters that are true to life. From the first page she grabs you and doesn’t let go.

Suzan always knew she wanted to be an author and to spark the imagination of her readers. We talk to Suzan about her life in Sydney Australia, her passion for writing, how she got her first novel out and some advice on self publishing.

Suzan is a whirlwind of energy, laughter and love. I wished she lived next door because I know we would be best friends. She pulls you into her world of dancing, writing and caring for her BoxerX (that’s Boxer crossed with who-knows-what).

For her next book, Suzan plunges into the world of YA Urban fantasy with BaSatai: Outside In, about a special race of peaceful people who face destruction unless the heroine, seventeen year old Armani, can stop the curse set upon her.

Our time flew by, so check out Suzan on Facebook or visit her blog. You are in for a special treat.


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More about the book:

Julia Mendoza is driven by the success of her business. Since her husband Carlos passed away at such a young age, her business By Design is her number one priority. In her late twenties she works too hard and doesn’t take time out for fun. Annoyance with a pesky ex-friend has her begging one of the local surfer’s with a cheeky smile in the grocery store to pretend he’s her boyfriend. Suddenly, life takes a sudden detour from her business plan; much to the delight of her boisterous Latin American family.

Christophe Augustine is groomed to take over his father’s successful chain of luxurious hotels. With a wealthy French-American background, Chris has been given privileges that not many have. He works hard, plays harder but seeks approval and recognition above all else. Family is a top priority for him as he fights for custody of his young brother. His parent’s divorce has not diminished his faith in romance. When a gorgeous Latino woman changes one boring morning into an interesting game of role play, though reluctant to help at first, he soon realises she’s not like the string of other women he’s known.

A romantic first date ending dramatically doesn’t stop Chris from wanting to know Julia more. And for Julia, she’s all for a bit of fun but when things get too serious she’s running the other way. Too alike, in some ways and complete opposites, in others ways, Julia and Chris fumble through fun moments, annoying confrontations, passionate times and heartbreaking revelations.

Love has no boundaries when soul-mates meet but when one is ready to love and the other one isn’t….