Authors Raising Money for Joplin, MO


L. McMaken
Cincinnati, OH

After the devastating F-5 tornado ripped through Joplin, Missouri earlier this year, nearly everything was destroyed. In an effort to help raise money for Joplin Schools, a group of authors have combined their talents in an anthology to help.

Published by Simon Smithson of Calavera Books, the digital anthology, Writing Off Script: Writers on the Influence of Cinema is collection of essays on how movies have influenced the writer’s words. The proceeds from the sale of the anthology will: “ go to the Joplin Eagles Television 14 Program through the Joplin Schools Tornado Relief Fund. The JET 14 Program instructs 160 students each school year in the fundamentals of film production and broadcasting.”

Authors included in the anthology are: Robin Antalek, Matthew Baldwin, Sean Beaudoin, Ernessa T. Carter, Richard Cox, Elizabeth Eslami, D.R. Haney, Nathan Larson, Vernon Lott, Nathaniel Missildine, Greg Olear, Neal Pollack, Claude Clayton Smith, Patrick deWitt, Art Edwards, David Small, Simon Smithson, and Teddy Wayne.