Guest Blog: Five Senses of Romance


Five Senses of Romance by Suzan Battah

Romance is not just about seeing an attractive guy or great looking girl and going – yeah they’re not bad. Romance is your five senses coming to life one by one or all at once!

So many people in life forget about the simple five senses of romance.

Dress well or well enough and I’m not talking designer clothes for your man or woman. Dress to impress and make them go WOW, I’m so lucky. Men are visual and so should women be. Taking care of oneself is not a chore but a pleasure. The animals primp and pretty themselves up for their partners in their large kingdom. We can too. Sight is an awesome one of the five senses of romance but not my favorite, no we have so much more senses that are much more fun.

Enjoy music and learn to dance. Listen to your partner and love the sound of their voice in every way. Understand and respect each other, accept opinions and when you’re not in agreement, it’s okay to argue but use your voice to make up and compromise sometimes it’ll get you in the nicest positions

Affection, show and feel affection with respect to your partner and how they feel comfortable. If PDA’s not your thing – it’s not a must! But exploring each other by holding each other’s hand, an arm around a shoulder, an arm curved around the waist is such simple expressions of love and it’s the little touches like the touch of the cheek, brushing of hair away from the face that mean so much more. With these little things is where love grows from. It’s where Chris and Julia in Mad About the Boy grew together with little moments of meaning. The sensation from a touch is love growing. Feel it, know it and appreciate your lover. Touch is not just a sensation it’s a feeling.

Food is a wonderful way to explore romance and passion. The tastebuds come to life not just by food. I’m not going to mention the ‘H’ word by people it’s a must to keep yourself in tip-top shape when it comes to all the senses, we’re trying to magnet romance towards us not repel it away. So enjoy the food, maybe not so much the onions and garlic and with that comes love in the most delightful away.

Scent. The devine sense of romance. When your smell devine, or smell a gorgeous scent of a man that can drive you wild and make your toes curl it brings all of the above together. Because if there is no sight or sound, you still have the three best parts of romance senses. It’s in the scent, the taste and the touch of your loved one.

The five senses of romance should bring you to life in ways you never thought possible. Pay attention to the senses, each are telling you something.

Appreciate each moment we have. Life is too short, embrace romance and love your family, protect and keep them secure.