The Relevancy of Publishers Questioned


L. McMaken
Cincinnati, OH


Digital Book World has published at document that was apparently sent to them by Hachette Publishing commenting on the relevancy of publishers and why they are needed. Quoting from a section it reads: “Publishing requires a complex series of engagements, both behind the scenes and public facing. Digital distribution (self-publishing) is just one of the components of bringing a book to market and helping the public take notice of it.”

In a rebuttal to this, author J.A. Konrath whose self-pubbed books have sold more than a million eCopies wrote to the publishers in a Digital World post: “Publishers should stop trying to convince themselves and others that they’re relevant, and start actually being relevant. Here’s how: 1. Offer much better royalties to authors. 2. Release titles faster. It can take 18 months after a book is turned in to be published. I can do it myself in a week. 3. Use up-to-date accounting methods that are trackable by the author, and pay royalties monthly. 4. Lower e-book prices. 5. Stop futilely fighting piracy. 6. Start marketing effectively. Ads and catalogue copy aren’t enough. Neither is your imprint’s Twitter feed.”

There hasn’t as yet, been a response to Mr. Konrath’s comments.