Huffington Post to Add Book Club


Cincinnati, OH


Huffington Post will launch it’s own book club on January 3rd. Wanting its book club to be different from others, Huffington will feature an “interactive” type area where readers can comment not only on the books they’ve read, but also share snippets of how books affect their lives.

From their website: “The HuffPost Book Club will create a unique intersection between the digital and the physical world.  The HuffPost wants to be a part of the way you read books. We invite you to join a special HP Book Club digital community, through your existing Twitter (#HPbookclub), Facebook,, YouTube and Flickr accounts, to share both thoughts and real-world experiences as we read.”

They are planning on featuring 10 book titles for 2012. The first book chosen for the book club, The Tiger’s Wife by Tea Obreht.

Details can be found on Huffington’s website.