Holidays at Home with M. J. Rose

Her Jewish Parents Celebrate Christmas as a secular holiday- not religious but loving

Part of the Authors at the Holiday Series

I met M. J. Rose in 2007, but had heard of her before that.  Her writing, her business acumen all were talked about in the circles I was part of.  Meeting her in person I was impressed with her confidence, her talent and ability to size up any situation in a split second with care and consideration.  I always wondered what made someone like this tick? She is interesting and a little mysterious.  She is talented and fearless.  So of course I was interested in how she spent her holiday. Luckily, she had some time to share a personal story about her family holiday. And, I love the picture!


From M. J.

M.J. at age three

We’re Jewish but my parents believed we should celebrate it as a secular holiday – not religious but loving. Plus my Dad was in the toy biz and Christmas is the A number 1 holiday that paid the proverbial rent. So to make it a bit not so so religious my parents got a pink tree and it went with us everywhere.

When we went down to Florida for the holidays, when we stayed in New York City. And every year my mom and I had a special tradition of buying one more pink ornament for our Christmas Tree. (Or something that matched it). We’d go to Bergdorf Goodman in the city and make an afternoon of it – with tea afterwards where Eloise (my favorite character) lived at the Plaza. Too soon, I lost my mom 14 years ago. But every year I go to Bergdorf’s and buy my ornament and then go to the Plaza for tea. I go on my own – but the real present of the season is how much I feel my mom with me still.

M. J. Rose

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