Samhain Publishing Goes Vintage


L. McMaken
Cincinnati, OH

Samhain Publishing is giving new life to older romance novels via their newest imprint – Retro Romance. This new line will take out-of-print novels from the last three decades and re-publish them digitally. Authors who have rights to their older titles and would like to have their work reprinted are encouraged to contact Samhain.

In a press release from Samhain, editorial director Heather Osborne stated: “For authors who have older titles and want to release them digitally, but don’t care to act as their own cover artist, production assistant, editor or distributor, Samhain’s Retro Romance is an ideal solution. We take on the work of scanning print books into digital files, copy editing, formatting into all the various digital formats, creating beautiful cover art, advertising and promotion – and supply authors with a robust built-in distribution.” More details can be found on Samhain’s website.