Holidays at Home with Steve Berry

A Welcoming Home

A Look at the holidays with NY Times bestselling thriller author Steve Berry

Part of the Authors at the Holiday Series

Bestselling Author Steve Berry

Steve Berry and his lovely wife Liz  are both talented, brilliant and kind. I met them in 2007 at ThrillerFest in New York City. They have that true romance between them that makes you believe in happily ever after.

Steve is brilliant, professional, clever, gracious and kind. I recall meeting John Grisham for the first time and I feel that  their demeanor is very similar. Southern gentlemen. If you read Steve’s novels you know they are extremely smart novels, well thought out, believable and fast-paced. He is a man who does intense research and pays attention to detail.  And though I am a fan of his novels, I have to admit to being a romantic at heart. The novels are amazing, but what really caught my attention about Steve is his dedication to his wife and family. Steve has always struck me as a man of integrity with an appreciation for all he has.

I was thrilled when he agreed to share a little of himself with us.  A holiday memory and a sneak peek into the life of Steve Berry.






From Steve:

A Welcoming Home

The holiday season is the favorite time of year in the Berry house.  Every writer has ways to stimulate their inner muse — the process of decorating for Christmas is that for me.  We call it Elizabeth’s Christmas World (after the two Elizabeths in the house). It takes a week to set it all up.  Every item carries significance — either something we’ve purchased on our travels or that the children have made.  Each year, as we display the items in their appropriate spots, we’re flooded with memories.  For me, that soars the imagination.  We begin each year with a Thanksgiving trip to my parents home in Atlanta where my mother could probably feed a small army with the amount of food she prepares.  There is the traditional Southern fare, a few Lebanese treats (she’s full blooded, I’m half), and, thankfully, all my favorites.  From there, we enjoy the weeks leading up to Christmas with friends and family.

Holiday Memories in the Making

Lots of celebrations, all culminating at Christmas Eve.  Then, we pack everything up and rest for the week after at the beach.  That’s become a tradition, too, since the publishing industry is essentially closed, every year, from December 20th to January 2.  Hopefully, somewhere along the way, during that time, I’m blessed with some ideas for the new novel.  December is plotting time.  So far, I’ve been lucky each year.  Perhaps 2011 will be equally as rewarding.

A Beautiful Berry Christmas Tree