Holidays at Home with Jade Lee

Author Jade Lee Talks About Cooking And Other Disasters

Part of the Authors at the Holiday Series

Jade Lee is multi-talented, bright, fun and someone I love to be around.  I caught up with her in Florida at the Novelists, Inc. conference and we chatted, laughed and talked about her new book series that starts in 2012.  She is so engaging and interesting I had to invite her to share some little holiday story with us for the Authors at the Holiday Series.  When she sent me her story I had to laugh. She and I are two peas in a pod. We suffer from the same talent deficiency in the same area. Oh, and we both love a good mocha latte! LOL


Jade Lee

From Jade:

Not many people know that I eat a lot of raw food.  I pretend that it’s for health.  Isn’t a raw food diet trendy or something?  The truth is, I’m a terrible cook.  Worse, I despise cooking with a passion.  Hate it hate it hate it.  The causes aren’t all that complicated.  My mother was a fabulous cook, but she was tyrant in the kitchen.  So I learned early to avoid the kitchen unless it was to grab a banana, duck, then run.

A Fun Christmas with Santa and Jade

Once my mother passed, my home was the next logical choice for the holiday gathering.  Not a problem, I said.  Everyone’s welcome, but I’m catering.  Because I don’t cook.  OMG, the horror and drama the followed that statement.  Holidays are about home cooking everyone screamed.  Really?  I thought it was about good will, presents, and visiting with family and friends.  Apparently, to my family, it was about good home-cooked meals.

So, the holiday gathering was promptly moved away from my home to my sister’s in Chicago.  She cooks.  Good for her.  What’s my job?  My cherished holiday tradition?  One that will preserve for decades to come?

Santa and Jade make a coffee run!

I do the holiday Starbucks runs.  Yup.  Christmas eve, Christmas day, Boxer day–whatever.  There’s a Starbucks about 5 miles from my sister’s home, and it’s open on Christmas.  So that’s my job, and I LOVE IT!  Oh yeah, and I also have to help with clean up.  But that’s not nearly as much fun as a mocha latte.

Santa and Jade are Tight. He knows all about "nice" and Jade knows all about "naughty" LOL

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