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Coloring Books You Might Not Want for Your Kids


L. McMaken
Cincinnati, OH

Flavorwire, a blog posting all things “cultural”, recently posted about what many consider very “inappropriate” coloring books. These books are geared toward children as all coloring books are and feature many of today’s news topics such as the “Occupy” movement. They also include titles about the Tea Party, 9/11, and the female anatomy.

The list includes a Gansta Rap coloring book featuring a handgun on the cover, The Big Coloring Book of Vaginas, and The Sexual Therapy Coloring Book.  While these might be great satirical adult gifts, coloring books are intended for a young audience and these titles should make parents look twice before purchasing their child’s next coloring book.

The entire list compiled by Flavorwire can be seen on their blog.

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