2Go Books From Sourcebooks


An enhanced, ebook that will feature not only the biography of composer Bach, but also his music is being released by Sourcebooks MediaFusion. The new ebook media line called 2Go blends text and audio for a complete musical experience.

From Sourcebook’s website: “The classical music enhanced ebooks were designed to give you an introduction to the world of classical music through the composer’s work. In each ebook, you’ll not only discover the life and work of each composer through a thorough introduction to the artist and cues for what to consider when listening to his work, but, more importantly, throughout the text you’ll find embedded audio excerpts of the composer’s work. You can listen to short, representative samples as well as longer pieces by the composer.”

The independent publisher is also releasing Presidential 2Gos with titles that include; My Fellow Americans, by Michael Waldman (director of speechwriting for President Bill Clinton from 1995–1999); Ronald Reagan 2GoFranklin Delano Roosevelt 2GoJohn F. Kennedy 2Go, and George Washington 2Go.

The 2Go Presidential series that are biographical will include speeches,an introduction by George Stephanopoulos, readers “will be able to hear the heart of the speeches, either faithfully re-created by a guest contributor or delivered by the president himself.”

The 2Go series is currently only available at the iBooks store, but there are plans to launch the series on the Nook this year.