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Short Films Featuring Women Leads


This is “where it gets interesting” or WIGS, is new type of short drama that is entirely Youtube based, and  shown as a series of short episodes. The intriguing thing about these dramas is that they all feature female leads, and have attracted some of Hollywood’s biggest names.

Created by Scott Turow, bestselling novelist and the current President of the Authors Guild, the series debuted this week. The first episode, “Rochelle” features actress Rosanna Arquette.  The episodes will be released every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and feature “high-end, original, scripted dramatic series and short films about the lives of women.”

From Facebook: “Some forms of vengeance require professionals … When the wife needs ‘the other woman’ to exact revenge.”

For those who enjoy well done, well written short films, you will find yourself visiting this Youtube channel frequently.


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