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Swoon Reads from MacMillan to Launch


A new imprint for MacMillian Children’s Publishing to launch this year. The imprint will  feature “Swoon-worthy teen romance novels.” The publisher will open to submissions for the new line in the spring of 2013, and manuscripts will be chosen by website readers.

From the website: “SWOON Reads will make it easy for writers to submit their manuscripts online, directly to the SWOON Reads publishing community. There, the community will be able to read, rate, and comment on the submissions. The highest-rated manuscripts will be read by the SWOON publishing team. Then, those submissions considered most SWOON-worthy will be published in both print and e-book formats.”

Jean Feiwel, Senior VP/Publisher said in a statement: “Swoon Reads is an opportunity for undiscovered writers and avid romance readers to come together to make books they love happen. More than just an imprint, Swoon Reads will be a community, one whose members are included in every step of the publishing process, from the initial discovery of the manuscript to providing edit notes, designing covers, and marketing the finished books.”




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