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eBooks in Libraries

Photo - Sacramento Public Library
Photo – Sacramento Public Library

Many readers may not be aware that eBooks have been on library shelves for a number of years. Even patrons who frequent libraries and have an eReader do not always realize that many times, their favorite authors books are available in eFormat. A library in California has developed a truly unique way to let their patrons know which books in their collection are available digitally.

Smack in the middle of their print titles on every shelf throughout the Sacramento Public Library, the staff  has placed highly visible neon green stickers and shelf markers that read: “Now in eBook Format!” They not only place these cards within the collection, but a very visible sticker is affixed to the dust cover of the print book as well.

The promo has been very effective in reaching readers, and is a low cost way to promote eBooks. Let’s hope libraries nationwide take advantage of this unique idea.


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