SNEAK PEEK: The Quiet Storm by Lyn Austin

The Quiet Storm by Lyn Austin


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Available Now!



Strangers are always surrounded by an aura of mystery.  And when they’re as handsome as Chase Gregory it’s easy to get what they want by grabbing a woman’s heart and making her long for things she thought forever abandoned.


Randee Ellis’ beauty and determination fit right in to the rugged yet majestic Madison Valley; the home of her beloved Triple Creek ranch.  She will do anything to save it from the sinister plot that is threatening all the nearby ranches.


Chase brings dangerous secrets to Triple Creek. Randee knows he’s more of a city slicker than a cowboy.  But she hopes he can help save her beloved ranch. Randee’s been fooled before, but her heart tells her Chase is different.


A mixture of danger, despair and desire lurks behind those blue eyes and that winning smile, and Randee has yet to learn which way the storm will break.


A QUIET STORM, by Lyn Austin, sweeps up your heart and carries it away.







Chase opened the door quietly so he wouldn’t startle her, but it was he who was surprised. She was so unbelievably beautiful that he stood in the doorway and stared. The light from the hall lay across her sleeping face like sunlight on the first blossom of springtime. Her hair—oh, God, her hair—lay loose around her shoulders like sheets of sheer red and gold. It was longer than he’d realized, delicate strands reaching all the way to the peaks of her breasts.

A shockwave surged through his veins and he stood transfixed. The blankets lay at her waist revealing ivory nightclothes. Silk stretched taut across her breasts, lace bordering the shiny fabric. One thin, fallen strap now caressed her forearm.

Chase’s senses were in disarray. With the exception of her birthday, when she wore a dress, he had never seen her in anything but jeans and western shirts. The contrast of silk and lace stirred to say the least. Contradictions. This woman was one kind of person on the surface and another underneath. He felt as if he could stand in this doorway watching her sleep for a lifetime.

A loud clap of thunder made her eyes flutter open, and she saw him. Chase held his breath. He almost expected a scream or a frightened cry for help, but again she surprised him. Instead of acting afraid, he saw an expression of pleasure, and her voice was husky with sleep.  “Hello.”






The Quiet Storm is Lyn Austin’s third book with Boroughs Publishing Group. The Auction is the first in a trilogy. Her next book Whisper Me A Wish will be out this summer. She is also the author of “The Auction” the story of a woman who goes to a bachelor auction and buys back her ex-husband for a week. “Carol of the Heart” along with The Auction and “The Quiet Storm” are available at Boroughs Publishing Group. Lyn is an award-winning author, including best book of the year for Utah, Idaho, and Colorado RWA as well as an international lecturer. Lyn is also co-author of the new non-fiction book “Sister of the Sole (Soul). She lives on the Snake River in Idaho.


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