BOOK TRAILER: 111 Inspirational Life Purpose Quotes and Exercises by Suzanne Strisower

111 Inspirational Life Purpose Quotes and Exercises to Find Your Purpose in Life, an international book competition award-winning life purpose workbook in the non-fiction/occupational category, offers a comprehensive mind-body-spirit approach for creating a holistic “blueprint” for success and fulfillment. People can use these seven unique perspectives (Natal, Developmental, Psychological, Professional, Spiritual, Mystical and Transitional) to find their ideal job.


111 Inspirational Life Quotes

About the Author:


Suzanne is on a mission to get more people to not just live life, but to prosper and thrive!

Coming from a place of positive thinking and optimism, this doer advocates Lifestyle Prepping in her work as an author, blogger, motivational speaker, life and career coach, intuitive and healer.

Dedicated to Guiding People to Reach their Ultimate Potential

Suzanne truly understands the confusion most Americans feel when trying to find and live their life purpose. Drawing from her multi-faceted background in social work, hypnotherapy, social work, and even in her work as a psychic, she’s able to guide people to find their true calling and express their full potential.

Prolific Author Helps People Discover their True Purpose in Life

She is the author of three books including her nationally acclaimed award winning, 111 Inspirational Life Purpose Quotes and Exercises to Find Your Purpose in Life and The Runes of the Four Realms. She has chapters in many books including chapters for the best-selling Wake Up Women book series.



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