Author, entrepreneur and brand creator, Quentin “Q” Holmes has dedicated his life to empowering the world’s youth through trendsetting literature, media, and fashion. The son of a hard-working father whose career advancement moved the family to nearly every region of the country, Quentin gained exposure to people from all walks of life. Quentin earned his bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from the University of Michigan, further enriching his perspective on social diversity.

The Real Street Kidz book series, created in 2009, promotes positive life messages to modern day youth. Examples of multiculturalism, along with heightening positive individual differences to achieve success, are a continuous theme across the books of this exceptional series. This type of awareness builds reading patterns of success for kids everywhere. Through reading Chasing Action, Art of Authenticity, and Good Ideas, Quentin hopes that kids will begin thinking “outside the box” and realize that teamwork and individuality are the greatest formula for success.

BPM: When did you get your first inkling to write?

In high school I wrote my first poem. It was well received by my teacher and the class. It was at that moment that I discovered I had a talent for writing, I viewed writing as a good way to creatively express myself, and I also learned that writing was a great way to connect with and inspire people.

BPM: Why did you decide to write a multicultural children’s book series?
In 2009, I developed a children’s brand called the Real Street Kidz, which captures the real essence of modern preteens who have broken out of society’s stereotypical boxes and embraced new trendsetting styles, fashions and interests of kids in other cultures. Multiculturalism, along with the heightening of positive individual differences for success, is a key theme across the books in this series. It is this type of awareness that builds a pattern of success for kids everywhere, no matter their background. Through reading Chasing Action, Art of Authenticity, and Good Ideas, I hope that kids will begin to think “outside the box” and realize that teamwork and individuality is the greatest formula for success.

BPM: Why should parents buy these books for their children?
Filled with colorful characters, rising action and page-turning suspense, the Real Street Kidz series and its accompanying website gives preteens, as well as anyone involved with young people, easy-to-read, empowering and entertaining lessons on friendship, teamwork, social diversity, and overcoming adversity.

BPM: Please introduce us to your new Real Street Kidz book, Good Ideas.
Q, Jazz, Chase, Ginger, Los, Kawena, and Lucky, are the adventure seeking Real Street Kidz. An extraordinary group of kids who live life in a big way and prove that you’re never too young to make a difference. During the summer the Real Street Kidz Chased Action and mastered the Art of Authenticity, but with the arrival of a new school semester the RSK are in serious need of Good Ideas. The kids are immediately faced with frustrating challenges from a rigid new school’s “Pilot Program,” that includes excessive pop-quizzes, strict dress codes, and a disgusting “healthy choice” menu.

Things really get worse when their old rival Junior puts the entire school in jeopardy with his “Me First” re-election campaign for school president. Q and Jazz decide to run against him to stop Junior’s reckless campaign from ruining the student body, but that’s when things become even worse! The entire school becomes divided and everyone is desperate for an infusion of Good Ideas to help put things back together again. Whose side will the friends choose? Which side would you choose? Making the wrong choice could cost everyone a lot more than just a school election; it could cost everyone a better world!

BPM: In addition to the new book, tells us about your new Good Ideas video.
Online I found that people love to talk about what’s wrong with today’s generation. However, as I researched the good ideas being developed by pre-teen today for my new book, I became inspired by the large number of kids that were making a difference through social ideas, tech ideas, and green ideas. I decided to team up with Boys & Girls Club of Watts (California) to start a social conversation on good ideas for today’s generation of kids.

We developed a short form video that is posted on YouTube that we hope will inspire kids around the globe to CREATE, SHARE, and PARTICIPATE in GOOD IDEAS. Take a look at the video today at YouTube.com/RealStreetKidz. Please share the video on your social networks using the hashtag #GoodIdeas. Also, please highlight the good ideas of the preteens on your social network. Together we can all inspire the next generation to make a difference and we can change the online conversation to celebrate the #GoodIdeas of today’s generation.

BPM: Why should teachers introduce your book series into their classrooms? 
Fostering a love for reading should be a goal of every teacher. Books for many children often serve as good friends that will be cherished forever. These friends can be from any part of the world. It is the job of every teacher to make sure that every student finds that one great literature “friend”, that students can relate to on many levels. The Real Street Kidz series is helping teachers make the connections for students across the globe.

I’m confident that the Real Street Kidz books and the free Teacher’s Guides (book #1 & #2 only) will provide them with useful resources to assist them in the classroom. Through the series and this guide, I also hope that students will continue to look at character and not appearances.  Teacher’s can download the guides for free at RealStreetKidz.com.

BPM: How may our readers follow you online? 

Please visit the Quentin Holmes Amazon Author Page

Email: quentinholmes@hotmail.com
Author website: RealStreetKidz.com

BPM: Book Clubs and Youth Group Request Interviews (In-person or via Skype Video)
Select the Real Street Kidz series for your book club meeting and Quentin will join you in person, via webcam or via speaker phone. To schedule Quentin’s visit, email him at realstreetkidz@hotmail.com

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