An Interview with Author PATRICIA HALEY-GLASS


patriciaAn Interview with author Patricia Haley-Glass
(reprinted with permission from Black Pearls Magazine)

PATRICIA HALEY-GLASS is the trailblazing, award-winning, #1 Essence, and Christian fiction bestselling author of numerous titles, including Mitchell Family and Relentless Drama Series. With two bachelor’s degrees from Stanford University (engineering and management) as well as an M.B.A in finance from University of Chicago, she’s a senior project manager supporting operations in N. America, Asia, Europe, S. America, and Australia. More importantly she’s a born-again believer, member of Delta Sigma Theta, and lives in the Chicago area with her family. Visit her on Become a Facebook friend at Patricia Haley-Glass or join her fan page at Author Patricia Haley.

BPM:  Tell us about your new books and the main characters.
No Regrets: Johnny and Karen Clark have spent the last twenty years buying a slice of the American dream. After her bout with breast cancer and a few of Johnny’s indiscretions, all is in chaos including their finances. They need help and neither knows what to do.  Karen wants Johnny gone but is in no position financially or physically to take care of herself and the children. At the same time, Johnny desperately wants out but doesn’t feel right leaving Karen destitute in her moment of crisis. Where Johnny and Karen go from here will all depend on how much they’re willing to sacrifice and how much value they place on life, marriage, and faith in a God that neither seems to know personally.  Still Waters: Greg Wright is a man desperate for his father’s acceptance.

In the midst of his pain, he emotionally torments his wife of twelve years, eventually driving him to the brink of suicide and miraculously to the doors of the church.  Laurie, a stay at home mom, craves independence and a sense of worth, which leads her away from the church and onto the internet where she becomes obsessed with a clandestine cyber-romance. Only a miracle can fix the disaster they’ve orchestrated.  On Kindle in May 2017. On Nook and other e-readers June 2017

BPM:  What topics are discussed in each of the new or reprinted titles?
In No Regrets, I tackle breast cancer, financial struggles, marital infidelity, and religious hypocrisy. In Still Waters, I tackle male depression, domestic violence, cyber-romance, weight loss, and adult children having issues with their parents. There is enough drama and laughter in these two books to fill a stadium. Every child and adult in the book has an issue as well as a path to redemption and restoration. Some parts are serious, but my writing style is always going to weave in a spiritual message and a whole LOT of laughter.

BPM:  What are your hardest scenes to write, the openings or the close?
The opening is tough because an author has to grab the reader’s attention immediately, introduce key characters, and set the scene ideally in the first page. I use an outline, so bringing the story to a close isn’t as tough. Although, no matter how the book ends, readers typically want more.

BPM:  Is there one subject you would never write about as an author? What is it?
Erotica, graphic language/sexual scenes, or any type of religious storyline that denies Jesus as Lord and Savior.

BPM:  Is there a certain type of scene that’s harder for you to write than others?
I do anger great, love pretty well, and no erotic at all. I’m much too shy to write graphic scenes.  I cover my eyes or change the channel when racy scenes are in movies or on TV. My best scenes are the interaction between characters where they’re pouring out deep emotions. I’ve also gotten pretty comfortable with interjecting a subtle inspirational message without being preachy or taking away from the drama and entertainment factor in the story.

BPM:  What made you want to become a writer?
I didn’t want to be a writer. I’ve always wanted to do something with numbers and finances as math and problem-solving is my passion. Fortunately, I have a career that allows me to fulfill that aspect of my life. So, writing is not my job or career. It’s a ministry I’m using to help fulfill the purpose for which I was created, and that is to be an encourager. I can talk to 20 people in a day, but I can encourage thousand, even millions across many countries simultaneously with a book. How long have you been writing? About 20 years

BPM:  How has writing impacted your life?
Writing has forced me to step out of my comfort zone and put a piece of myself on public display. As a published author, you quickly learn that some will like your books, some won’t. Some will even go the extra step of being ‘mean spirited’ about their feedback. For instance, in one of my earlier books, a reader responded harshly and said I had too many commas and needed literary training.

Although I strive to put a quality product out each time I write, it wouldn’t have been surprising for a fresh author to have areas of improvement. It was a learning moment. Instead of becoming offended and firing an email back to the reader, I was reminded of why the book was written in the first place. My intent was to entertain and encourage. With that in mind, I had to process the feedback and see if I did indeed have too many commas. My editor and other readers didn’t seem to think so but it would have been an easy fix by the way. Most importantly, I had to sift out what was useful from the feedback and toss the rest aside in order not to lose focus or stop writing.

So, writing has helped me learn how to keep my eye on the prize – to fulfill my goal or calling regardless of what obstacles or even personal embarrassments may come my way. Writing has also allowed me to reach people that I would never come in contact with otherwise. I’ve had the distinct privilege and honor of encouraging people. According to a reader’s note sent to me in 2013, “Your books [have] walked me out of my depression and has given me the will to be forgiving to my family members. Thank you for your help.” This is truly the reason I write. If I do 1,000 books and have one person like this feel better about life, or Christ, or move closer towards forgiving a loved one, then it’s all good.

BPM:  Do you view writing as a kind of spiritual practice?
Writing isn’t a spiritual practice for me. However, I do see my ability to craft a story as a spiritual gift that I’ve chosen to strengthen and use.

BPM:  Is there a specific place/space/state that you find inspiration in?
Not really. After several decades of writing, I can be inspired anywhere. However, I find it easiest to write early in the morning (around 4 or 5 am) while the house is quiet, calls aren’t coming in, emails aren’t flowing, and my to-do list hasn’t kicked in and slowed the creative juices.

BPM:  Does writing energize or exhaust you?
Both. When I’m in my writing ‘zone, it is exhilarating. After the storyline has been poured out of my brain onto paper, the editing can be grueling and exhausting. Writing is like creating a tasty meal. Editing is equivalent to cleaning the kitchen afterwards – necessary but not the fun part for a writer.

BPM:  What are the top three things that make you feel happy and fulfilled?
Being able to bless/encourage someone, completing a goal, and knowing that my family and friends are doing well.

BPM:  What makes you forget about the world around you?
The love from my family and my faith in God. When times or a particular situation gets tough, I think about the passage, “This too shall pass.” I also reflect on President Obama saying something like, “the only thing that’s the end of the world is the end of the world.” So long as I have the Lord in my life, everything is manageable in one way or another, including the sometimes crazy world around me.

BPM:  What strengths did you use to achieve two major goals in life?
Perseverance and faith.

BPM:  What other projects are you working on at the present time?
Short story series and several non-fiction books.

BPM:  How can readers discover more about you and your work? 
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Books by Patricia Haley-Glass
Still Waters by Patricia Haley-Glass
Still Waters is a poignant story about a once-loving husband who has lost his way and his spiritual wife who grows weary hoping and praying that she can keep her marriage intact.

When Laurie married Greg, she was certain they would live happily ever after. Greg was charming, loving, and everything Laurie thought she’d ever need. Now twelve years have passed and the couple has six sons to show for it. Supporting such a large family is tough on Greg’s graphic designer salary, but the Wrights make do until the stress of living so close to the brink takes its toll. Laurie doesn’t know how much longer she can cope with Greg’s moods—or if she even wants to try.

Overworked and underpaid, Greg is itching to reach beyond his dead-end job and give Laurie and the boys everything they deserve. But Greg knows he can’t thrive at work when he and Laurie barely talk anymore. When Laurie gets a job to help make ends meet and snatches a bit of independence, Greg feels like he’s losing her. All he wants is for Laurie to love him the way she once did. But when things go from bad to worse, Laurie and Greg’s marriage will be tested as it’s never been before. The crossroads they face will be lined with many choices, most of which leads them down different roads. Unless the couple can cling to a shred of faith, their happily ever after will be a mere memory.

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