rsz_bubblegumblondeBubblegum Blonde from Anna Snow
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Expect the unexpected has been Barb Jackson’s motto since the day she became a private investigator, but when a blast from the past in the form of her cheating ex-boyfriend shows up in her office and begs her to help him clear his name in an ongoing murder investigation, she fears this time she might have bitten off more than she can chew.

She’s in a race against the clock to clear his name and keep herself alive as it becomes obvious someone is now out to get her, and to make matters worse, hunky detective Tyler Black is nipping at her heels… in more ways than one.

If anyone can get to the bottom of this mystery it’s Barb, but can she keep herself alive long enough to do so?


It was a no-win situation on my part, and the only way I could see out of it was to bite the bullet so to speak. Kelly was so going to kick me right in the rear for getting us into such a situation, but a girl’s gotta do what a girls gotta do and I knew she’d have my back no matter what direction I chose.

I reached into my top desk drawer, pulled out a piece of my favorite watermelon Bubblicious, and popped it into my mouth.

Some people smoked, some drank, I chewed bubblegum.

“I’ll do it,” I said and nearly choked on the words as they passed my lips. “On one condition.”

“You name it,” he said and scooted to the edge of his seat.

“You never lie to me. If I ask you a question, for information, anything at all, you tell me the truth. No exceptions. I don’t care how bad it might make you look, how scandalous it may be, or who besides you it involves, you tell me exactly what I need to know. It isn’t just your butt on the line anymore, and I’ll be dipped in the sewer before I let you drag me down with you.”

“I swear.” He answered quickly. “Thank you, Barb. You don’t know how much this means to me.”

“I think I might,” I muttered as I stood. I already felt the weight of the world resting on my shoulders.

I circled the desk and held out my hand for a handshake before I could come to my senses and change my mind. I was more than a little surprised when he jumped to his feet, reached out, and pulled me into his arms in a tight embrace.

I stood still, in total shock until his scent hit me. The fragrance of his musky aftershave and the natural scent of his skin enveloped me. My inner whore took over and I let myself melt into him.

I know, I know, it was a seriously bad move but give me a break, my love life had been practically nonexistent for the past year and sad to say, I’d been head over heels in love with Jason at one time… until he betrayed me.

I felt him press his lips against the top of my head and forced myself to pull away before things got really out of hand. There was no way on Heaven or Earth I was going back down that road again. That son of a gun was full of potholes.

“I’ll get started today and call you if I find anything.”

He smiled and some of the tension visibly lifted from his body. “I don’t know how I’ll ever repay you.”

“I do.” I smiled as I turned back to my desk and pressed the intercom button.

“Yes?” Kelly’s voice echoed in the room between us.

“Mr. King will be paying you for our services on his way out. Charge him the cheating-arrogant-fool rate.”

“You got it, boss.” She answered and I could hear the grin in her words.

Jason chuckled and shook his head as he opened the door. “Same ol’ Barb.”

He grinned once more at me over his shoulder as he exited my office, and I shrugged because really, what could I say? He was right, I was the same ol’ Barb and I was happy with that.

I just hoped he wasn’t the same old Jason because if he was, he’d be sitting in big-boy jail by the end of the week, and I’d be right beside him.

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10401501_1073319042683172_4863443703598537990_nNot only is Anna Snow a wife, mom, and lipstick junkie, but she’s also a multi-published USA Today bestselling author.

Anna began writing as soon as she could hold a pen and hasn’t stopped since. She loves life and can think of nothing she enjoys more than spending time with her family and friends. She loves reading, writing, kitties, spending time outdoors, and did I mention kitties? *Big grin* Anna also loves to hear from her fans and answers all correspondence she receives.


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