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flamingo christmasA Cuffe Sisters Christmas – Sadie and Sophie Cuffe

Our Christmas traditions can intertwine with the people we choose to marry, the places we live, and the friends we accumulate along life’s road; but no matter how many new bows we tie and lights we string, down deep inside our hearts lie the family memories worn in our being like the grooves of an old 45.

As kids we wandered all over the woods out back searching for the “perfect” tree. We invariably cut a “Charlie Brown” tree and dragged it home; and even though our children are far away, we still go out in the frosty air and chop one down, and it’s still just as bad.

Christmas for us holds all the beauty of the olden times – our grandparents’ farm, and their tree at Christmas, appears in the glow of our own tree as we put up Grammie’s ornaments — first the china bell angel and caroling girl she gave us, then come the gossamer-thin treasures from her girlhood, their colors gone but their memories bright as lightning.

Everyone’s a kid at Christmas, and we hope we never lose that Christmas morning anticipation and delight we hadCuffe1 and that we’ve shared with our kids and grandkids. As children we poured over the “Wish Book” and were allowed to choose one thing under $10. That ingrained in us the thoughtful consideration of a budget and the love of a simple gift

Christmas for us is still economical and simple – it centers around family. Sophie gets out her accordion, we pile into a friends’ van and cruise all over creation caroling. (And the next day our old bones pay for it!) We create a Sunday school play for the kids and they always bring good tidings of great joy and their own stamp of extraordinary on the season, from the decorating of their tree, to their props, costumes, backdrops, and singing.

Cuffe2We spend Christmas Eve sharing music, God’s Word and worship, at a candlelight service in our rural church. And even though our children and siblings are spread out geographically now, we’re blessed to get together with family, including our 90-year-old mother, and share in old memories while creating new ones.


Here’s the latest release from Sadie and Sophie:

Christmas at Mercy’s Gate
In depression era Mercy’s Gate, Martin is struggling to keep it together for his students, his business, and his town. But there are no prospects for Christmas and no cheer in a small town dying from the inside out – until Ollie and her mysterious “Uncle Rasper” jump off a passing freight train and become squatters in Martin’s potato barn. Are these two bums con artists out to fleece the good people of what little they have left? Or are they the spark this small town needs to rekindle the spirit of Christmas?

Ollie’s just passing through. Mercy’s Gate’s one Main Street is no place for panhandlers. She’s not proud of being down on her luck, but she refuses to be ashamed of it either, regardless of Martin’s opinion of her. All she wants is a chance, but will Martin let her fast talk her way into his heart and the hearts of the children of Mercy’s Gate?

When “Uncle Rasper” reveals a long buried secret, Martin must choose to follow his heart, or let Ollie jump the next train out of town. Will Ollie stay where she’s not wanted in order to find true love, or has it already passed her by?

Set in 1930’s small town America, Christmas at Mercy’s Gate will transport you to a time and place you’ll never forget.

cuffe sisters

Born in coastal Maine and privileged to be raised in a large extended natural and spiritual family, much of Sadie and Sophie’s childhood was spent in the island churches of Five Islands and Georgetown. The rural church remains a major force in their lives today.

As siblings they bring the strength of a living sisterhood to their writing, with many years of combined writing experience and over 125 years of life experiences (you do the math). They also run a small farm in downeast Maine’s Unorganized Territory (which explains so much!).

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