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Scholastic Home Base Digital Book Fest!


Home Base Virtual Book Fest is an online celebration where authors and kids can engage with each other in exciting new ways!

From themed costume contests to online Q&As to trivia events, kids around the world can enjoy interacting with their favorite authors in real-time.

Scholastic Home Base – follow this link to join!!!

March 20th


3:00 PM EST

Live Q&A With R.L. Stine

R.L. Stine will be in the chat to answer your burning Goosebumps questions! Just keep an eye out for an evil dummy who’s said to be lurking around…

3:30 PM EST

Claribel Ortega Runs Map Game Mayhem

Join Claribel Ortega, author of Ghost Squad, in playing Map Games and answering questions! From Scavenger Hunt to Frozen Fight, will you be the top of the leaderboard? Between the map games, she’ll be the one asking you questions.

4:00 PM EST

Sarah Mlynowski Runs A Costume Contest

Join author of the Whatever Author series, Sarah Mlynowski, for a Fairy Tale costume contest on Whatever After Island! Make sure you stopped by the shop – we’ll be announcing costume themes based on the many fairy tales featured in Whatever After..

4:30 PM EST

Sayantani Dasgupta Runs A Story Round Robin

Join Sayantani Dasgupta, author of Kiranmala and the Kingdom Beyond series, for a story round robin! You’ll get to write a story with her and your fellow Home Base players in the chat. What will you add?

5:00 PM EST

Book Festival Dance Party!

Join all authors for a dance party on the Dance Floor in the Hub. Jam out in your best dance attire and celebrate books!

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