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Sheila’s Book Review: Voices From The Fringe: Short Stories by S.M. Mitchel


Time for something a little different!

Voices From the Fringe: Short Stories by SM Mitchel

I give this book 4.5 Stars out of 5

These stories all have some element of fantasy/paranormal to them. Each story is unique and well written. I love that there’s an element in each story that is thought-provoking.
Though the book could have benefitted from some editing, the stories are so interesting I was able to overlook that.
I would certainly recommend this book and would read another by the same author.


A repeated day that rarely differs from the last, a duo searching for a library in an unknown apocalypse, a man who may be an automaton, and a shapeshifter that has lost their face. None of these stories have anything in common, but they do share a common source. What that source is and what these stories say to you is up for interpretation.
First time author S.M. Mitchell brings you four short stories about the dangers of living in a time loop, the difference between man and machine, and why you should never steal a stranger’s wallet. Voices from the Fringe is a collection that is open to interpretation and will make you think about topics you have never thought of before and keep you guessing about what you actually know about the people around you. With a style that draws you in, you will not know how to feel once the stories end.


Book reviewed by: Sheila English

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