Book Trailer Feature: HCC Devotions Revised For Our Changes by Mary Pollard Bethea


Author Mary Pollard Bethea has created a devotions book for Christians.


This book is designed to provide young and old readers with different forms of giving God daily devotions. The basic forms of devotion are in each section, prayers, praises, songs, and Bible verses. Other forms of devotion include daily notes, weekly charts, and monthly calendar pages that can be used to glorify God. HCC Childrens Devotional Book is available with articles to capture the mind, will, and emotions of young hearts in the Lord through the use of poems, scriptures, puzzles, praises, and a little preach to start and finish a day. The book is divided into sections for the reader to start with knowing how the church is coordinated, next, the reader is given some background statements on the Bible. Thirdly, a section on knowing Bible stories is presented and the last section continues the storytelling with a desire to reach the readers purpose in life. Start your devotion and be blessed.