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SNEAK PEEK: Of One Blood by Pauline Hopkins


Of One Blood: or, The Hidden Self (Haunted Library Horror Classics) by Pauline Hopkins

A groundbreaking tale of racism, identity, and spirituality by African American author Pauline Hopkins

When Reuel Briggs, a medical student at Harvard, witnesses the performance of the beautiful singer Dianthe Lusk at a concert, he’s infatuated by her talent and beauty. That next morning, Reuel is called to treat the victims of a train accident. Among them is Dianthe, seemingly dead, but he revives her using a form of mesmerism.

Reuel falls in love with her and proposes marriage. Wanting to provide for his fiancee, he undertakes a dangerous but lucrative archaeological expedition to Ethiopia, where he discovers more than treasure. Now his special abilities begin to make sense as he learns the truth about his ancestors.

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