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BOOK REVIEW: Shadow Keeper (Shadow Riders, #3) by Christine Feehan


Shadow Keeper (Shadow Riders, #3)
by Christine Feehan

Giovanni and Sasha’s story is told in Shadow Keeper. The Ferraro men have the reputation of being playboy womanizers, but are they? The paparazzi loves to put them on display this way. Might as well feed into it to distract from the truth about their family business. Giovanni is playing the womanizer part when he is called out about it by a waitress at the club, Sasha. And his whole world is turned upside down. Now he has to convince the woman who is meant to be his that he is not how he appears.

Sasha left her home to find work, sacrificing a lot to help her brother, the only family she has left. Suddenly she finds herself part of a paparazzi field day, And the obsession of a stalker.

Christine Feehan does an amazing job taking these two and the Ferraro family on a “hold your breath” adventure of intrigue. Searching out who’s after her.

While the two explore who they are to each other and share the attraction neither one can fight. The growth of trust and love is spectacularly written. You feeling the turmoil and the happiness. The heartbreak they face and the strength they give each other.

The choices people make define them more than their position in society. We see generosity among all walks of life as well as depravity. The desire to take advantage of people is a prevalent theme in the Ferraro world. The intrigue as the family sorts through who is to be trusted and who is not draws you to love this family even more. Christine Feehan masterfully writes the family dynamic, leaves hints of what’s to come. Making you desire the next story all while enthralled in the story being told.

Giovanni has definitely found his match in Sasha this story shows they absolutely deserve their happily ever after.

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