PODCAST::: Contemporary Romance with sizzle and sass with author Brynn North


Contemporary Romance with sizzle and sass with author Brynn North


Brynn North’s goal is to write fun, witty, and relatable books that leave you with a smile and laugh. Her heroines are often finding their way in life, in and out of relationships. Her characters may not always be perfect people, but hey, neither are we, right? She hopes that you can see another perspective or even parts of yourself in her books and realize you aren’t alone in figuring this whole life thing out. 
Her books are chick lit or closed-door romance, perfect for readers who love chemistry and sizzle but no explicit content.

She is a Minnesota native and still lives in Minneapolis with her family, loving it for approximately eight months out of the year. The other four months she dreams about moving to a warmer zip code. She is a total cat lady, with the best cats in the entire world. #sorrynotsorry

Her books Love Refined and Love Game are out now with additional books ready for you to preorder.

You can find Brynn at her website, Facebook, Instagram, and BookBub

Here’s a look at Brynn’s latest release:

Love, Game: A Romantic Comedy

Determined interior designer seeks hot basketball player to create perfect fake romance.

This is the month that could make or break my career. I’m desperate to enter the biggest design competition of our city and win the big contract that comes with it but lack a standout property to tip the scales in my favor.

Then, I need a date to a family wedding or be sentenced to pariah in front of my ex and his new girlfriend, who happens to be one of my biggest design competitors in the city.

I think I just found the solution in gorgeous basketball superstar Rome Marius, who is in trouble with his coach and is in need of a little image rehab, just like his totally empty penthouse. I’ll be his adoring sweet girlfriend to show his coach and team he’s a grownup, and he’ll let me redecorate the monstrosity he calls home and enter it in the contest. So what if I don’t know a thing about sports? Faking it can’t be that hard, right?

I am absolutely able to ignore that he’s hot, single, and incredibly sweet…I’m a professional…

♥ Love, Game is a closed-door romance, perfect for readers who love lots of sizzle and sass but no explicit content. ♥