Book Review: “Death & Sensibility” by Elizabeth Blake


“Death & Sensibility” is book #2 in the Jane Austin Society Mysteries. This ARC was sent to me by the author. It will be in “stores” August 10, 2021.

The Northern Branch of the Jane Austen Society is hosting the first Jane Austen Society conference in York. As such, the members of the Northern Branch, Erin Coleridge and her best friend Farnsworth included, will be moderating or sitting on panels discussing all things……Jane Austen.

Taking place at the ritzy Grand York Hotel, everyone is excited about the conference, the food (especially Farnsworth) and getting to meet new people, some of whom are world re-known Jane Austin scholars.

For Erin….Jonathan Alder will be there and York is the home of Detective Hemming, Erin plans to—really–enjoy this conference. 😉

Speaking of world re-known Jane Austen scholars, the Keynote Speaker is non other than Jane Austen biographer, and author of the world famous book: “Jane Austen and Her Contemporaries”……..Barry Wolf.

At the bar, Barry, his very young wife, Luca, and his assistant Stephen are arguing about something that Erin cannot hear, but, she can see the loathing (towards Barry) in Luca’s eyes and her flirting with Stephen……oh, oh, Wolf’s life is not all roses and peaches.

The next morning, Farnsworth bangs on Erin’s hotel door.

“Erin! Open the door!”

“Barry Wolf—-he’s dead!”

What a way to start the conference! Yikes.

To find out what happens…you will have to read the book when it arrives in “stores” August 10, 2021. 🙂

“Death & Sensibility” is a fast, fun cozy mystery bordering on the edge of proper cozy etiquette as you can just feel C.E. itching to burst forth! If you don’t know what I mean….check out all the reviews below. 🙂

Book Review by Mike Pihlman