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Audio Adventures Part 2 of 3: From The Avengers to Star Trek!


Big Finish knows how to put adventure directly into your mind…via audio stories! Fully produced with an amazing cast these stories play out like a movie in your mind as you listen to them! In this second part of our Audio Adventures series, we’re looking at some audiobooks with names you may have heard of before!

Give a listen to The Avengers (no…not Iron Man and Thor…)


The Avengers was a British 1960s television show with Diana and John working together to keep us safe! Spy adventures meet underworld villains. If that’s your kind of story we highly recommend The Avengers!





Blake’s 7 is a scifi adventure that’s a cross between Star Trek and Firefly with a cast of characters fighting an evil “Federation”.  Sometimes you need to send a rebel to save the day and if that sound like fun we can easily recommend Blake’s 7 to you!




Bernice Summerfield is another heroine-led adventure series. She’s a professor of archaeology from the future who has traveled with the Doctor, lived all over the galaxy and fought both foe and ignorance!





Star Trek has gone where no one has gone before… Actually, Star Trek has been everywhere and most everyone has heard of this space adventure. Boldly seeking new civilizations, this team is fearless in its quest to learn more and keep the universe safe!


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