Poet and Author Zaira Pirzada takes readers on an emotional journey of love, loss, and raising the next generation in the United States without losing the connections to her ancestors in the poetry collection, “Qurbaan”.

The Synopsis

A Devotee; A Martyr; A Sacrifice. This is my journey through love; through loss; through becoming in America. My truth is my sacrifice for the women, like myself, who will raise the next generation far from our ancestors.

The Review

This was such a powerful and emotional read. The author manages to pack a lot of themes and moving messages that resonate with so many in our current times into such a short read, and yet still makes quite an impact on the reader as these themes bloom on the page.

The imagery was so powerful and moving in this collection. The themes of immigration and wanting to stay connected to our homes and our cultures, and the power of love won and love lost, really hit me emotionally, as I felt the author’s emotions pouring out of every verse and their experiences played out like a film in my mind’s eye.

The Verdict

A thoughtful, insightful, and emotionally engaging read, author and poet Zaira Pirzada’s “Qurbaan” is a must-read poetry collection for 2021. Socially relevant and giving the Indian and Pakistani-American community, especially women, a voice and connectivity that very few books are able to put together in the public eye. Giving a fresh and different perspective on the struggles of those who come to the United States and must reconcile their connection to their home and heritage with the new beginnings and harsh realities that people face in this nation, as well as the more personal look into how love and loss impact our lives, makes this such an important and overwhelmingly amazing read. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

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