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The Journey continues! By Dragon Award Finalist, Richard Paolinelli

The journey of Galen Dwyn continues in the second book of the Starquest 4th Age series.

While Dwyn lies in stasis, recovering from his injuries in his stand against Harmool’s fleet, Rhea has assumed the title of Regent of Salacia while leading the search for her missing father, King Iodocus. She is also helping repair the damage done to the Alliance in her Uncle’s and Mother’s mad quest to launch a new Empire. A shocking assassination attempt is thwarted at the last second by Dwyn, who seems to be a changed man now that he has exited stasis to save his love.

The King’s location is ascertained and a rescue mission mounted to retrieve him from the Wilds, a lawless area of space. An ambush splits their forces and Dwyn leads the ambushers away so that Rhea and her father can escape. Before Dwyn can find a way back to Alliance territory, an old enemy returns from the grave, and hold Rhea and the King hostage, while triggering a massive insurrection that overthrows the Alliance and installs a new Emperor.

Dwyn must now mount a second rescue while finding a way to rally a rebellion against this threat to peace in the Hominids’ corner of the Andromeda Galaxy.

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Richard began his writing journey as a freelance writer in 1984 and gained his first fiction credit serving as the lead writer for the first two issues of the Elite Comics sci-fi/fantasy series, Seadragon. In 2010, Richard retired as a sportswriter and returned to his fiction writing roots. Since then he has written several award-winning novels, two non-fiction sports books, and has appeared in several anthologies including eight of the 11-book Tuscany Bay Books’ Planetary Anthology Series and five Sherlock Holmes collections. He also writes a weekly Star Trek fan fiction series, The Calling, on his website, www.scifiscribe.com.

He has multiple novels planned for release this year including the upcoming novel, Galen’s Way, a space opera set in award-winning author John C. Wright’s Starquest Universe and it is due out in just a few weeks. Galen’s Way is the first of six planned novels connected to Starquest that Richard will be writing and releasing over the next two years. He also has three other standalone novels planned for release over the next year.

He also occasionally fills in as a guest co-host here on The Writer’s Block whenever Jim Christina’s horse runs off and leaves him stranded in the middle of the desert.

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