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SNEAK PEEK: Elysium Tide by James R. Hannibal


Elysium Tide by James R. Hannibal
(Releasing June 7, 2022 available for pre-order)

Dr. Peter Chesterfield is the top neurosurgeon at the Royal London Hospital. He’s also a workaholic, and after a blow-up with a colleague, his boss orders him to attend a medical symposium at the luxurious Elysium Grand on the island of Maui. During a midnight walk on the beach, Peter pulls a woman with a skull fracture from the water. Despite all his skill, she dies in his arms, leaving him with only one clue to what happened to her: the word “honu.”

Obsessed with finding the cause of his patient’s death–discovering what or who ripped the power over life and death from his surgeon’s hands–Peter becomes entangled in an ongoing investigation. He also becomes a source of deep irritation to detective Lisa Kealoha, who has jurisdiction over the case.

The reluctant pair join forces, diving deep into Maui’s evolving gang culture, and unearth a conspiracy that runs deeper than either could have imagined. Knowing too much is deadly–and they must catch the killer before the killer catches them.

“A compelling, pulse-pounding suspense and action-packed mystery that had me enthralled from beginning to end. Reading it was like watching a movie.”–Patricia H. Rushford, award-winning mystery writer and author of the Angel Delaney Mysteries

“Maui’s Road to Hana doesn’t have anything on the white-knuckled suspense and hairpin twists and turns Hannibal delivers in Elysium Tide. Remember to breathe!”–Natalie Walters, author of Lights Out from The SNAP Agency series

“Unputdownable. A twisty, fast-paced, and utterly compelling read from a master of the genre.”–Tosca LeeNew York Times bestselling author


James R. Hannibal is no stranger to secrets and adventure. This former stealth pilot from Houston, Texas, has been shot at, locked up with surface-to-air missiles, and chased down a winding German road by an armed terrorist. He is a three-time Silver Falchion Award winner for his children’s mysteries, and a Carol and Selah Award winner for The Gryphon Heist and Chasing the White Lion. His latest spy thriller is The Paris Betrayal. James is a rare multisense synesthete, meaning all of his senses intersect. He sees and feels sounds and smells, and hears flashes of light. If he tells you the chocolate cake you offered smells blue and sticky, take it as a compliment. Connect with James at www.jamesrhannibal.com.

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