Daughter Of Hades by Mack Little


Daughter Of Hades By Mack Little
Telling the Complicated History of the Caribbean Through the Eyes Of Two Sets of Siblings


Mack Little’s sophomore novel traces the fascinating and often painful Caribbean history through the life experience of siblings as they try to escape their homes and strive for a better life.

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Daughter of Hades first depicts the story of Dinny and Jimmie, twin brother and sister who have grown up as enslaved people on a plantation in Barbados. When Dinny’s life faces more threats as the master’s infatuation with her grows, the siblings make their way onto a pirate ship. Though safety will not come yet for the two siblings, it seems that love is in the cards for at least one of them, as Dinny falls in love with a Chinese sailor named Lei.

The storyline alternates with another set of siblings: two brothers named Ivan and Pax as they desperately try to make their way to Jamaica. The two storylines eventually clash and the two sets of siblings are faced with a Rolodex of suspenseful events that bring to light pain, romance, and survival, in any condition.

The book gets its inspiration from the long and harrowing history of slavery in the Caribbean. It is one of the most exciting historical fiction novels with a story that is still relevant today.

But Daughters of Hades is much more than a lesson of Caribbean history and the effects slavery has on these siblings. At its core, it is a fight for survival and revenge captured in its more pure state, and a historical romance that shows people can find love even in the strangest of places, or the strangest of situations.

“An engaging, swashbuckling tale of love and revenge during the age of piracy.” – Kirkus Reviews
“Little fills us in on the important Caribbean history and how the rules of a terrible trade system changed from one island to another. Envisioning the beautiful settings of Jamaica and Barbados and recognizing their histories illuminates a truth that readers will really benefit from knowing.” – Jaylynn Korrell (Independent Book Review)


Mack Little grew up in the Deep South and has accumulated a vibrant experience which she often emulates in her storytelling. Her studies in International Politics and service in the Army have given her impressive perspectives to bring to her novels new layers of intrigues and twists, which are all quite prevalent in her latest novel, Daughter of Hades.Learn more at http://www.mack-little.com/