SINGLE MOM AND THE CITY – Create Time, Money, and a Rich Life
A guide for successful single motherhood by Takiyah Smith

Single Mom And The City is a complete guide that lays the foundation for successful single motherhood. Transformative advice, compiled with data-driven facts, specifically for moms, like you’ve never seen before. The Perfect Mommy Bible.

Every mom does not have a bank account with thousands of dollars, a support system they can rely on, or a sane sounding board to get quality advice from. Whether you are a student or professional this book is an educational tool that will help all moms.

Practical tips and solutions to thrive at Motherhood and Life:

  • Mommy success secrets, unlocked.
  • Rock Star parenting tips.
  • Simple methods to increase income.
  • How to ask for what you want – And get it!
  • Financial makeover. Easy as 1,2,3.
  • Doable ways to create more time.
  • Make way for ME time! Self-care is essential.
  • Be a proud roll model and your children’s #1 fan!

Create the life you want, and envision. Single Mom And The City, create time, money and a rich life, contains life-changing information, for every Mom.

Children are often a mirror image of parents, they follow some of what we say, but most of what we do. This book is for the mom that is motivated to become the best version of herself and live a happy, fulfilled, successful life, while growing children into happy, healthy, fabulous little beings.

There are over 10 million single Mom’s in the United States alone. This book is made especially for you. Single Mom And The City, is jam packed with beneficial knowledge gained over the years through education, research, and life’s lessons compiled throughout the pages of this book.   Single Mom And The City: Create Time, Money, And A Rich Life: Takiyah, La’don, Niyah: 9780578753935: Books –  Single Mom And The City: Create Time, Money, And A Rich Life: Takiyah, La’don, Niyah: 9780578753935: Books

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Takiyah Smith is a native San Franciscan. She studied business and merchandise product development at The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (commonly known as FIDM). Girl power and women empowerment has long since been a passion for Takiyah.

There are approximately 10 million moms parenting alone, according to the Census Bureau. Today 1 in 4 children under the age of 18 are being raised without a father.

Parenting information is available in a ton of different locations from books, blogs, websites, articles, YouTube videos, workshops, and conferences to name a few. But, what single mom really has time for that? It’s on the job training time! Takiyah felt it would be so much easier if women could find information, community and inspiration all in one trusted location. That’s when Takiyah founded, Single Mom and the City, an exclusive resource for single moms.

Takiyah is grateful for the knowledge that has been imparted through thousands of hours of research and reading, family and friends, colleagues and strangers alike, that have been ever so gracious to share their parenting secrets, life experiences and wisdom. Takiyah wants to share this information with the world.