A Soccer Space Adventure – SPACEBALL!! By Matthew Bennett Young


SPACEBALL!! By Matthew Bennett Young

Do you Love Soccer? Do you also dream of scoring the Greatest Goal in The History of Everything? Find out how it’s done in this thrilling soccer space adventure.

The soccer ball in this story leaves Earth with a mighty strike of the boot and rockets past every planet. Each planet has a landmark of a famous soccer city in the UK. See if you can work out which city and soccer club it is!

The collage illustrations in this picture book are fun and vibrant and really make the story come alive. It genuinely seems as if you are travelling along with the soccer ball through space. Children will learn about the planets in our solar system in a fun and exhilarating way, travelling faster than the speed of soccer!

Let your imagination travel to new soccer frontiers on this magical fantasy adventure. Follow the journey of the world’s most adventurous soccer ball as it travels through our solar system and finally lands….where?

Buy the book today and get the world’s most fantastic soccer surprise!

Spaceball: A Fantastic Soccer Journey through Space and Time.: Young, Matthew Bennett: 9780955920318: Amazon.com: Books

Spaceball: A Fantastic Soccer Journey through Space and Time. eBook : Bennett Young, Matthew: Amazon.ca: Kindle Store


Matthew Bennett Young is a British author and has published in many forms (picture books, flash fiction, short stories and poetry) although his big passion is for picture books. Not only does he write but sometimes he illustrates as well. He is also an artist-educator and has been teaching his inspiring workshops all over the world. He currently resides in Montreal and is a member of Artist Inspire and Culture a L’Ecole. He believes all creativity is a form of expression and is essential for wellbeing, especially now, and it takes practice!

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