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SNEAK PEEK: Don’t Open The Door by Allison Brennan


Don’t Open The Door by Allison Brennan

New York Times bestselling author Allison Brennan’s suspenseful new mass market original about a shocking home invasion murder of a young boy, and its tragic aftermath, as his grieving parents search for the truth about who committed such a craven act as they seek justice for their son.

How do you survive the loss of your only child? Former US Marshal Regan Merritt felt she had to resign her position after the shocking murder of her ten-year-old son Chase in their suburban Virginia home. Her husband Grant Warwick, a lawyer at a big corporate firm, immediately blamed Regan’s line of work as a marshal. But to Regan this theory never made sense. Unable to reconcile their grief, and full of recriminations against each other, the two separated, then quickly divorced, and Regan moved back to her hometown of Flagstaff Arizona.

Now she is back in Virginia after receiving a call from her former boss, Tommy, who continued to investigate Chase’s death when the case was dropped after the alleged murder suspect was killed in prison. Regan is stunned to discover that Tommy is now dead too. Regan reaches out to Grant to see what more he might have recently learned, and he nervously arranges for them to have dinner at an old haunt out of town. Then is a no show.

All along Regan has suspected Chase’s murder might have more to do with Grant’s work that her own. His firm handles legal matters for some high profile but questionable clients. With Grant now missing, the stakes seem even higher to uncover the real culprit. Regan must rely on all her resources to find Grant and stop the carnage, and to expose the truth behind their son’s tragic murder— then be sure justice is served.

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