‘Wake Your Excellence,’ Reveals Rare Insights Into Healing the Incurable and Everlasting Joy


With her new book, Wake Your Excellence: A Non-fairytale Road to Unlock Your Joy and Live Happily Ever After, author Elizabeth Thorne Kempe delivers heart-wrenching and relatable experiences that reveal what it feels like to be losing life to chronic disease as a young mother. Her tale takes the reader to the depths of their own heart and experience and ultimately offers the keys to the road rarely traveled: longevity in health and, most importantly, joy.

Reviewers are claiming Wake Your Excellence is, “Full of advice and counsel backed by science, history, ancient spiritual practices, and experience. You won’t regret owning, reading and rereading this book.” –Amanda Hansen

Another reader whose life has been changed for the better articulately stated, “The wealth of knowledge provided in this book has forever changed my life. I am in a new chapter, pain free and have a totally different outlook on life and the people in it. I give gratitude for Elizabeth and her Divine gift of knowledge every day. For anyone battling something big, small, life threatening, non-life threatening, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or social, I highly recommend this book to help you reach your excellence.” –Becky Slack

Wake Your Excellence profoundly displays the anguish chronic illness places upon a person, their loved ones, and their community. However, the overall message is of triumph and disclosure of previously unknown and/or disconnected healing modalities that Elizabeth had to realize in order to survive. This is not a manuscript repeating reused information. What is conveyed is the information she learned through harsh experiences. Her sought-after knowledge saved her life and it becomes clear that what we didn’t know before was dampening our joy and killing us faster.

Wake Your Excellence: A Non-fairytale Road to Unlock Your Joy and Live Happily Ever After is now available in e-book and print versions at Amazon and EMholistic.com.