Only Prince Charming Gets to Break the Rules


Award-Winning Author Anne Beall Reveals the Profound Effect of Fairytales in Modern Life in New Book, Only Prince Charming Gets to Break the Rules: Gender and Rule Violation in Fairy Tales and Life

Just in time for Women’s History Month, Foreword Publicity announces the release of Only Prince Charming Gets to Break the Rules: Gender and Rule Violation in Fairy Tales and Life, by Anne E. Beall, Ph.D.

What do fairy tales have to say about gender and following the rules? Beall, a psychologist, analyzed 200 major fairy tales from around the world in terms of who breaks the rules, who gets rewarded, who gets punished, and how severely. She shares research findings that reveal a link between gender and rule violation in fairy tales and everyday life.

Beall found male characters are more likely than female ones to break the rules, and they’re frequently rewarded for doing so. In contrast, female characters are often harshly punished. But this situation happens not only in fairy tales; it occurs in modern life.

“Fairytales are some of the first stories we hear as children, and they have a profound effect on us,” said Beall. “These beloved stories contain hidden messages about marriage, agency, power, suffering, good versus evil, who breaks the rules, and who is punished.”

Celebrating Women’s History Month is the perfect time to pick up Only Prince Charming Gets to Break the Rules and explore how centuries old fairy tales around the world shape our culture and ultimately our lives.

“Through critical examination, the book reveals a fascinating insight into the double standards that exist. I discovered that male and female characters are often punished differently for breaking the rules. This book is a valuable reminder of the need for greater gender equity in all societies,” said Beall.

A portion of proceeds from the sale of Only Prince Charming Gets to Break the Rules benefits Empowering Girls for Life (EGFL), a nonprofit that is committed to shifting the perception that women do not have the ability or opportunity to achieve as much as their male counterparts.

“Our mission has always been to empower young girls and women to dream big and think boldly. Our platform lifts up the voices and stories of barrier-breaking women who have come before them. We are thrilled to partner with one of those barrier-breaking women, Anne Beall, as we partner together to create the leaders of tomorrow,” said Lexi Roach, founder of EGFL.

A leader in the field of market research and one of the few female CEOs in the industry, Anne E. Beall is the author several book in business and gender studies, including Cinderella Didn’t Live Happily Ever After: The Hidden Messages in Fairy Tales and The Psychology of Gender. Her book, Cinderella Didn’t Live Happily Ever after won a gold award from Literary Titan and won the Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards in the Women’s Interest category. Her book Heartfelt Connections was named one of the top 100 Notable Indie books in 2016 by Shelf Unbound, and she has published numerous business articles in noted journals. Having received her PhD in social psychology from Yale University, Beall is the founder of the market consultancy company Beall Research.

Connect with Beall on Facebook or, or visit her website. To set up an interview, reading, signing, or for information regarding Only Prince Charming Gets to Break the Rules: Gender and Rule Violation in Fairy Tales and Life, please contact

Only Prince Charming Gets to Break the Rules: Gender and Rule Violation in Fairy Tales and Life (978-8985888430) is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble,, and wherever books are sold.

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