From the all-star team of Patton Oswalt, Jordan Blum and Scott Hepburn

Minor Threats, the first creator-owned comic series from Patton Oswalt and Jordan Blum, showrunners of Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K on Hulu, receives a new paperback collection in Minor Threats Volume 1: A Long End to a New Beginning. Artist Scott Hepburn (Orchid), colorist Ian Herring (Ms. MarvelSpiderverse), and letterer Nate Piekos (Stranger Things: The Other Side, Black Hammer Reborn), round out this super-creative team. The collected volume will also include pin-up artwork from Mike Mignola, Kevin Maguire, Francesco Francavilla, and Tess Fowler.

It’s hard out there for a supervillain. Not the world conquerors, chaos engines, or arch-nemeses…but the little guys, the career criminals. The ones who put on uniforms, knock over jewelry stores, and get tied to telephone poles before the hero swings off to face the actual big bad. Times are tough for costumed crooks, and they’re about to get much worse. The psychotic Stickman has done the unthinkable and murdered Kid Dusk, sidekick to Twilight City’s premier crime-fighter, The Insomniac. The Insomniac’s teammates, The Continuum, are tearing Twilight apart, turning it into a terrifying police state–desperate to capture the Stickman and stop the Insomniac from “crossing that final line” in which he may never come back from. Caught in the middle are the small-time c-list villains, finding it impossible to pull jobs or even walk down the street without being harassed by these heroes. With a bounty on the Stickman’s head, former villain Playtime decides to put together a ragtag team of equally disgruntled supervillains to take down the Stickman and kill him themselves, leading her on a dark journey into the criminal underbelly she’s tried so hard to escape.

Minor Threats Volume 1: A Quick End to a Long Beginning TPB explodes into bookstores June 20 and into comic shops June 21, 2023. The book collects 136 pages and measures 6.625 x 10.1875”. It is now available to pre-order for $19.99 at AmazonBarnes & Noble and at your local comic shop and indie bookstore.

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 Praise for Minor Threats:

Minor Threats #1 boasts a truly excellent script that feels like a perfect love letter to the fun and silliness of classic costumed caper comics as well as the classic underdog trope.”—Comic Watch

“Patton Oswalt and Jordan Blum have created an homage to all super-powered comic books that have come before it with a satisfying narrative that lovingly, questioningly, pokes at the rules of superheroes and the worlds they inhabit.”—Multiversity Comics

“This is a slice of high-concept, perfectly-pitched superhero fun that blends established tropes into a fresh, enthusiastic love letter to comic book excess.”—Big Comic Page

Minor Threats is exactly what one would expect from Patton Oswalt—it’s intelligent, funny, and twisted. I’m also worried about him.”—Judd Apatow

“I was hooked from the first page! Minor Threats is delicious, villainous dark pop that churns up the world of the marginalized and serves up a decadent and dangerous feast, all presented in glorious bombastic visual eye-fuckery that has re-ignited my love of comics. At last, something cool in a world where nothing is cool.”—Taika Waititi

Minor Threats is a hardcore blast from the bad brain of Patton Oswalt. I love the full-on collision of his grimy, superhero underworld; with eye-poppingly gorgeous splash pages of art by Scott Hepburn. A naughty peek under the cape that you’ll devour like contraband.”—Edgar Wright

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