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Sneak Peek: Dedication To Murder by Lauren Elliott


Dedication To Murder by Lauren Elliott

Oh, bother! In the riveting new mystery from the USA Today bestselling author Lauren Elliott, a first edition set of Winnie-the-Pooh books throws Beyond the Page bookstore owner and rare books expert Addie Greybourne on an investigation into her family’s past.

Wedding bells are about to ring again in Greyborne Harbor, and as Addie slips into her white dress her thoughts are focused on a bright future with Dr. Simon Emerson. But a discovery in her attic leads her to startling revelations about the past. As the owner of Beyond the Page Books and Curios and a lifelong bibliophile, Addie is delighted to find a rare collection of classic children’s books gathering dust in a secret room beneath the rafters, including a first edition of The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams. To her surprise, a handwritten inscription on the title page provides a clue to unraveling a complex mystery in Addie’s family . . .

But that’s only the first surprise in a series of shocking twists that will turn Addie’s vision of where her life is going and where she’s come from upside down—including a suspicious death in the present that suggests foul play.

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