Audible Theater’s Spring 2023 Lineup Has a Story for Everyone


Audible announced today a new slate of four Audible Theater titles scheduled for release on March 23. In addition to presenting thrilling live performances at the Minetta Lane Theatre in Greenwich Village, audio plays are a staple of Audible Theater’s programming, which continues to deliver the theater experience to millions of listeners around the world. Audible Theater’s dynamic mix of live and audio theater productions have been praised as “trailblazing” (Variety), “illuminating” (Forbes), and “an exemplary use of the medium.” (The Observer)

Audible Theater’s March 23 slate includes:

  • Good Enemy follows a father as he learns that closing the door to his past means shutting his daughter out in this haunting and hopeful new play from Yilong Liu. Starring Francis Jue, the live run of this show in Fall 2022 was commended by The New York Times as having “a serious mind, an inventive spirit and a goofball heart.”
  • The Inheritance by Matthew López is an epic examination of survival, healing, and class divide, as three generations of gay men attempt to forge a future for themselves amid a changing America. Produced with the support of The Geffen Playhouse, the full cast reprises their roles from their recent production, including Bill Brochtrup, Juan Castano, Adam Kantor, and Tuc Watkins. This Tony Award-winning show was originally performed live on the West End before it moved to Broadway in 2019.
  • Dirty Laundry by Mathilde Dratwa explores the absurdity and messiness of life and death as a daughter deals with the unexpected loss of her mother and the simultaneous discovery of her father’s infidelity. Oscar nominee Marsha Mason, Alison Pill, and Reed Birney lead a full cast.
  • Marrow is a harrowing psychological thriller created by Aditi Brennan Kapil and unfolding over six episodes, that asks: Is anyone ever really who they say they are? Performed by Zehra Fazal, Harriet Harris, and Michael Cullen.

Kate Navin, Head of Audible Theater, said: “As Audible Theater expands, we remain dedicated to producing full slates of audio plays that showcase each type of theatrical storytelling we bring to listeners: Good Enemy translates beautifully from our off-Broadway Minetta Lane stage to audio; The Inheritance makes an award-winning Broadway play available to listeners globally; and two brand new plays from our Emerging Playwright Fund introduce bright industry talents. Audible Theater’s Spring 2023 slate celebrates our mission by bringing you both award-winning stage veterans and rising stars; there’s truly a story for everyone.”

To listen to these new titles, visit Audible.


Good Enemy by Yilong Liu, directed by Chay Yew, performed by Francis Jue and full cast

A father learns that closing the door to his past means shutting his daughter out in Good Enemy, Yilong Liu’s haunting and hopeful new play. When Howard makes a surprise cross-country trip to visit his college-aged, TikTok-loving daughter, he’s forced to confront the realities of their relationship and the rift between them—a rift caused by Howard’s refusal to face memories of his life as a young man in China. In a smart, thrilling story that deftly weaves two generations and two continents amidst sweeping social changes, Good Enemy explores the power of human connections…affirming that no one lives an “ordinary” life, no matter how hard they might try.

The Inheritance by Matthew López, directed by Mike Donahue, performed by Bill Brochtrup, Juan Castano, Adam Kantor, Tuc Watkins, and a full cast

Based on Howards End by E.M. Forster, The Inheritance takes place in New York City decades after the AIDS epidemic. Eric is a political activist engaged to his writer boyfriend, Toby. When two strangers enter their lives—an older man and a younger one—their futures suddenly become uncertain as they begin to chart divergent paths. In this epic examination of survival, healing, and class divide, three generations of gay men attempt to forge a future for themselves amid a turbulent and changing America

Dirty Laundry by Mathilde Dratwa, directed by Brian Roff, performed by Alison Pill, Reed Birney, Marsha Mason and full cast

An uproariously opinionated chorus of female voices (Portia, Tala Ashe, and Melissa Dougherty) provides the galloping cadence to Mathilde Dratwa’s new play Dirty Laundry, a comedy-drama that puts everything on the table to explore the extremes of human emotion.

A woman (Alison Pill) finds herself grappling with both grief and anger following the sudden death of her mother and the shocking revelation of her father’s infidelity. Her father (Reed Birney), on the other hand, is just trying his best to verbalize his own complicated feelings about love, loss, lust…and household chores.

And the other woman (Marsha Mason) simply wonders: Is she still “the other woman” when the original woman is gone?

Marrrow written & directed by Aditi Kapil, performed by Zehra Fazal, Harriet Harris, Michael Cullen

Harriet Sansom Harris (HacksDesperate Housewives) and Zehra Fazal (How to Get Away with Murder, Lucifer) give truly chilling performances in Aditi Brennan Kapil’s haunting Marrow.

Aspiring audio producer Harriet (Fazal) gets the career boost of a lifetime: the chance to interview internationally famous thriller writer Lili Novak, who has agreed to give a masterclass about her creative process. The dream gig takes a dark turn, however, as Lili immediately dives into an eerie recount of her childhood. In stories about the dangerous tenement she grew up in, Lili reveals the friendships she formed and the disturbing experiences they all endured together—some of which still haunt her.

Captivated by the tales and obsessed with the prospect of being the one to tell Lili’s story to the rest of the world, Harriet ignores the red flags signaling the novelist may not be in her right mind…or that something even more sinister is happening.

Created by Aditi Brennan Kapil and unfolding over six episodes, Marrow is a harrowing psychological thriller that asks: Is anyone ever really who they say they are? As Lili’s tale unearths winding paths of trauma, lies, and deceit, to a shattering revelation, Harriet’s dream will be completely—and irrevocably—shattered.