Craig Groeschel Helps Young Adults Break Free from Negative and Destructive Thinking in‘Winning the War in Your Mind for Teens’ from Zondervan


It’s no secret that today’s teens face a multitude of challenges to their mental well-being, often leading to a spiral of unhealthy thoughts and doubts about their self-worth. These thinking patterns often leave young people feeling less-than and unvalued, contributing to feelings of anxiety and depression throughout their lives.

In his new book, Winning the War in Your Mind for Teens (Zondervan, hardcover, $19.99, April 4, 2023), nationally known podcast host, pastor, and bestselling author Craig Groeschel builds on his book Winning the War in Your Mind to present the scientific and spiritual discoveries he made after struggling with his own negative and anxious thoughts since youth. Using personal stories, research, and hands-on thought exercises, Groeschel provides readers with practical and easy-to-use strategies that are customized for today’s teens, helping them find freedom from the grip of harmful and destructive thinking.

“Take it from a guy who survived his teen years but could have done it so much better,” Groeschel writes. “Our lives are always moving in the direction of our strongest thoughts. What we think shapes who we become. If you agree, then it’s time to change your thinking so God can change your life.”

Groeschel announced the book on his social media platforms today. See more about the book here:

Winning the War in Your Mind for Teens helps readers learn what they can do to challenge their everyday thinking and change the course of their lives for the better, as well as discover all the ways a closer relationship with God and an understanding of their value in God’s eyes can help them see their innate value and more fully believe what is true about themselves.

Readers will discover:
• How their brain works, and how to rewire it so they can short-circuit the triggers that lead to negative thoughts
• How to identify the lies the enemy wants them to believe
• The ways prayer and praise can transform their mind
• Practices that allow God’s thoughts to become their thoughts

Presented in a stunning hardcover with gloss details, Winning the War in Your Mind for Teens is the first book from Groeschel written for young adults, and the perfect gift for readers ages 13 and up. Other inspirational self-help titles from Groeschel include The Power to Change, Winning the War in Your Mind, Dangerous Prayers, and Hope in the Dark.

About the Author Craig Groeschel is the founding and senior pastor of Life.Church, one of the largest churches in the world and the creator of the free YouVersion Bible App. The New York Times bestselling author hosts the top-ranking Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast and speaks to hundreds of thousands of leaders around the world annually through the Global Leadership Network. Craig and his wife, Amy, live in Oklahoma. Connect with Craig at