New Release: Extraordinary Hearing: Preparing Your Soul to Hear from God by Greg Pruett, Mart Green


Extraordinary Hearing: Preparing Your Soul to Hear from God by Greg Pruett, Mart Green

Christian men and women ages 40+

“Greg Pruett is a man of absolute integrity and faith; a modern-day Elijah. . . . His passion is contagious. You will love his heart, his words, and his wisdom.”—Max Lucado

What if you could hear God speaking? What difference would that make in your life?

You don’t have to wonder if God still speaks. He reveals Himself to everyone, without exception. The difference between God’s people and all other people scattered over the face of the earth is this: When God speaks, His people listen.

Join Greg Pruett as he teaches you how to develop extraordinary hearing—discernible guidance from God in your day-to-day life, based on the leading of the Holy Spirit within you. He’ll offer answers to your questions about prayer and discernment, such as:

  • How can I tell if it’s really God speaking?
  • Does God still communicate with us the way He did with people in the Bible?
  • How can I hear Him more clearly when I pray? What can I do to learn to listen?

Extraordinary Hearing gives practical, biblical insights on how to pray and how to hear from God that will help unleash the power of prayer in your life.

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